Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Zentangle weekend in Berlin and DIVA Challenge #347 (News from the T*A*D calendar)

My Zentangle Weekend in Berlin

Last weekend I  spent in Berlin, together with my CZT  friends Sabrina and Anya.
Sabrina invited us to her New Year`s Zentangle Event at friday evening.
Look at Sabrinas post what a cool 3Z Mosaic the18Ladies created and how much fun we had!
This 3Z mosaic we three completed the next day:

We had a lot of quality time together with tangling, walking, eating, joking... It was such a relaxing weekend - thnk you, Ladies!

I asked Anya and Sabrina to draw something in my T*A*D calendar and this is the 3CZT-page- how lovely is that! Anya showed me the beauty of "IBEX" - a official tangle which I have not noticed before.

At the next page I practiced three tangles by Tomas Padros - what a creative Spanish Zentangle-Man!!
When I started to draw his "Chorus" I was a bit distracted and did many mistakes... NO-NO-NO mistakes! Variations!

DIVA Challenge #347

I admit, that I rarely use strings for my Zentangle tiles. Mostly I start drawing and then the tile develops in any unintended direction.
So this week the DIVA Challenge was a real string challenge for me...and a very welcome exercise.
The Diva proposed to use some random objects as stencils for a string.
I decided to draw this challenge into my T*A*D- calendar and to create a whole page of three days.
What a great exercise- I had three days of fun!

the string things!

Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018

DIVA Challenge #346 and time for a new tangle calendar

Hello again to all my blog readers!

My best wishes for the New Year to you all!
My special greetings and my results of the amazing 12days of Zentangle project I have published in my last post .

So... let´s start with a new tangling year - I am looking forward to all the creative adventures with you all, during the challenges, with our new calendars and with our CZT classes...

I have been looking forward to the first DIVA Challenge.
We start the year with a Duotangle with Phicops ans Huggins, both original Zentangle tangles.
I haven´t been a big friend of Phicops yet - but I changed my opinion tonight ;-)

The "Tangle A Day" (T*A*D) calendar by Carol Ohl is VERY popular this year , and even though I have been stuck in July in 2017 I decided to give it a new try, and I can proudly say today, at the 9th of January " I am up to date" ;-))

Here are my first three pages:

During my holidays I drew some more tiles, in preparation of my next begginner classes where I tried some variations of the very first tile.

And last but not least a duotangle of the new tangle Toodles with "kissing Mookas"
I drew them with a glass dipping pen and black-blue ink.

Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

12 Days of Zentangle Project and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Christmas Season this year seemed to be very short and so the time was full packed with things to organize and to do... the holidays came quickly and no it is already gone...

I hope you all had a wonderful time and you are now full of energy and motivation for the New Year.

I have published the new Zentangle Classes for 2018 onto my website! I am looking forward to my students!
Meine Zentangle- Kurstermine für das erste Halbjahr 2018 sind jetzt online! Ich freue mich auf neugierige und begeisterte Teilnehmer!

During the last days I finished some tiles of the 12Days of Zentangle Project.
Thanks to Rick and Maria, who prepared such a lot of beautiful ideas and videos to deal with. The new official tangles "Rumpus" and "Toodles" are beautiful and give so much opportunities to play with.

Here I show you some of my tiles which I created based on the 12Days videos.

#PP02DayThree : new tangle Rumpus . I drew Rumpus on a square tile with a glass dip pen and blue-black ink:

#PP02DayFive :   A Zendala with "Kissing Mookas" . I did not cut the areas for Knightsbridge, I blacked them with a brush pen.

#PP02DaySix :  Introduction of "Toodles" what a nice tangle with lots of variation possibilities!

#PP02DaySeven:  a prestrung Zendala should be filled with interwoven auras in each section - how simple with a stunning result! I wanted to see a little olour, so I drew int in blue on a tan tile:

#PP02DayNine:  One of my favourites! A black and a white (or tan) tile have been split into two parts and rejoined mirrored. I used two black and tan original tiles and two black and white Bijou tiles:

#PP02DayTen: Paradox as string on a black Apprentice tile. So lovely, unfortunately I made only one of them:

#PP02DayEleven: A star of 3Z tiles. It was the Christmas day... I made only the black one and gilded the backside. This star is hanging at my ChristmasTree ;-)

Last not least I would like to show you a couple of my paper folded stars. The German name is Fröbelsterne. It is the 3D version.
I have used beautiful paper stripes - and I love the stars! I used some of them as Christmas presents.

My special thanks to all my blog readers for your interest and all of your lovely comments! 
Another Zentangle year has gone and we have shared lots of beautiful Zentangle art and spent much of quality time together in this wonderful, mindful Zentangle family.

I wish you a very Happy New Year , health, love, luck and success with all the things you do!

Happy Tangling!
Love, Simone