Montag, 24. April 2017

DC#313- Amanda Day, and a first try of "Dingbatz"

Letzten Samstag war der Tag der Erde "Earth Day". Lauras Sohn war schon vor Jahren der Meinung, dass die Erde einen Namen braucht, und so ist es nun schon meine dritte Teilnahme zum Amanda Day der DIVA Challenge. Ich bin sicher, es werden weitere folgen ...

Dieses Jahr habe ich mich wieder für ein Renaissance- Zendala entschieden (das passt irgendwie perfekt...) und habe versucht, Bäume im Zentangle Stil zu zeichnen.
Vor dem Schattieren, auf halbem Weg hat es mir nicht wirklich gefallen, aber nun finde ich es doch ganz schön. Auf jeden Fall hat es Spaß gemacht, mal wieder zu tangeln, nach mehrtägiger Pause.

Last Saturday was Earth Day. The DIVA`s sun gave our Earth the lovely name Amanda and this is already my third Amanda Day to take part in the DIVA Challenge! And I am sure there will follow some...

This year I decided to use a Renaissance Zendala tile and tried to draw some trees in Zentangle style.
I did not like it much before shadowing but finally I like it, anyway... And I enjoyed it very much to tangle, after a some days break.

In ihrem letzten "Kitchen Table Tangle" Video stellten Rick&Maria kleine dekorative Ornamente im Zentangle Stil vor, die sie "Dingbatz" nennen.
Heute habe ich die ersten kleinen Versuche gemacht. Die Dinger sind einfach süß. Und die haben das Potenzial, süchtig zu machen ;-)

In their last "Kitchen Table Tangle" - video Rick&Maria introduced the technique to draw small decorative ornaments in Zentangle style and named them "Dingbatz".
Today I tried the first ones. They are so cute.... probably they are addictive ;-)

Mit meinem Kalender bin ich arg im Rückstand. Da ich mich nicht unter Druck setzen möchte, werde ich wohl ein paar Tage auslassen und diese ggf. später nachholen.
With my calendar I am much behind the scenes. Probably I will leave off some days and add them later. No stress!!

Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

DC#312 - Tea String - and new Tangle PRAA

For the DIVA Challenge I used English Breakfast Tea to create a string - I dripped it on the paper and used the spots as the background for my new tangle "PRAA".

I got the inspiration for PRAA during a walk on the Cornwall Coast Path, on the cliffs along the sea, and there were loads of beautiful blossoms. The shape of one of them reminded me of tangles , the new , fresh lplant, but the dry residues of the last year as well. 
Later in the evening I played with this flowers and found an easy way to deconstruct it as a tangle.I named it PRAA, as our holiday home is situated in the village Praa Sands, directly at the Southwest Coast Path.

Here is a page from my calendar, where I did the first steps with PRAA:

And, just in case that anyone will give it a try... here is a stepout for PRAA:

Last, but not least I show you the plant, which inspired me for PRAA:
The German name is "Bärenklau" , in English "hogweed".

Sonntag, 16. April 2017

DC#311"Circle Sqare String Theory" and Happy Easter Greetings from Cornwall

I am writing this post in my beautiful holiday home in Cornwall, near Penzance where we have stunning seaviews from our home and phantastic weather.

We started last Wednesday, evening and had a lovely journey through South England, which has breathtaking nature and phantastic sights on the way to the West.
The nature shows that we have spring with lots of blossoms and flowers everywhere.

After very interesting breaks in Bournemouth, Winchester and Exeter we arrived here in our cottage yesterday.
Winchester and Exeter have gorgeous catherdrals, where I got lots of tangling inspirations. Sometime I will make an extra post  for this issue. Winchester Cathedral has a great area with phantastic medieval floor tiles which are tangles, everywhere:

Caused by the journey I did not have lots of time for tangling.
So I completed my calendar tiles in combination with the DIVA challenge today after a lovely walk on the coastal path.

The DIVA challenged to use squares and circles as strings, and this is what I did with it:

 I combined Flip-Flap and Ambler (or Emingle) in a square with Zenith and Maryhill in a circle.
Completed with some Hypnotic and String Rose.

This is my latest calendar page before, which I completed this morning with the Easter Eggs ;-)
I wish you all Very Happy Easter and thank you for visiting my blog!

Freitag, 7. April 2017

DC#310: UMT "Frunky" and new calendar pages

My last week was rather busy without much time for tangling. I had a huge backlog on my calendar pages and so I drew the DIVA challenge on my calendar pages this week. Last night I tangeled five days ;-)
First Monday of a month is "UMT-Challenge" (Use My Tangle). The DIVA chose the tangle "FRUNKY" by German CZT Katharina Königsbauer- Kolb. I drew it on April, 3rd , and a tiny piece on April, 4th.

Furthermore I discovered "HORTI" by Ria Mattheussen, which was published on last week. HORTI is inspired by Art Deco. I like it very much , there are many tangelations possible.
You can see it on April, 1st and 2nd:

"Land Girlz" was also new to me, I found it by accident and I do love the very straight and graphic tangles, which create a huge 3D effect.

Also new on tanglepatterns was "Strutz" . It appears very powerful and technical, so I combined it with some pieces of the lovely Printemps. It`s a bit funny, isn`t it?

The last day of March I filled with "Cubz". It was my first try and my grid became not as I intended. I like it more when it is turned:

Yesterday I had a Zentangle Basic Class with some of my colleagues. They were curious to see and to try what Zentangle is and we  had two very inspiring hours.
Finally, I was glad to see them happy about their own results. I love the moment when all tanglers are watching the mosaic of all tiles and appreciate each other`s works. 
I am so proud of them - most of them did not try it before:

After the first tile the ladies asked me to show them how to draw my own tangle "MySwing"
So I changed the lesson plan spontaneosly and drew MySwing. 
I was surprised about the results - and happy to see my tangle living ;-))

Dienstag, 28. März 2017

DC#309 "NOOM"

In their latest Newsletter Zentangle HQ published one of their new tangles which they introduced last autumn during the "ZenAgain" event.

Now it has been released for all tanglers and the DIVA  took this opportunity for the challenge of this week.

As I am very busy thisy week I drew this DIVA Challenge into my Zentangle calendar.

In German we  say: "Two flies with one flapper" ... Can anybody tell me the appropriate phrase in English??

Sonntag, 26. März 2017

IAST#189 and beautiful new tangles in my calendar

Last week I tried some beautiful new tangles which have been published on

Patience from Judy Genovese is a beautiful tangle , which is very floral and which can be highlighted in several ways. I drew it first in my calendar and was excited about its beauty. It reminds me to 'Nzeppel which is one of my "Mac&Cheese"- tangles ... (about the meaning of "Mac&Cheese" see  DIVA Challenge #308).

The second one is "Nouvart" by Ria Mattheusen. This tangle is very graphic and is inspired by
Art Nouveau (Art Deco). I admire Rias work very much and love this new tangle as well. Congratulations to this little beauty, dear Ria! I drew it immediately after I saw it in my calendar.

The third tangle on this calendar page is "Lanie" by Adele Bruno, which has been published in 2012, but I did not draw it yet. This one is very organic again and so this page has a very good balance for me. I like it much. Thank you , ladies, for the beautiful tangles!

For the "It`s A String Thing" challenge Adele Bruno presented a very loopy string and when I saw the tangles I first could not imagine how to carry out this challenge. But I like the tangles of this challenge and so I started to draw. Like so often, after the first strokes I thought that I am not so satisfied but I kept going and was very happy, finally.
I had this beautiful experience of the Zentangle Method, once more.
The tangles are "Patience" by Jody Genovese, "Aura-Leah" by Carla du Preez and "CO2" by Antonine Megger.

IAST #189

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

DC#308 "Mac`N Cheese" Tangles : Zentangle- Hausmannskost, TMP#7

Last week Zentangle HQ posted a newsletter where they reminded us to the Zentangle "basics" as every day dozens of new tangles are published, many of them very complex and high level. I agree, sometimes it is really stressful to follow all the news and all to try all the new tangles.

When I read it, I felt to be addressed a little bit... In my Zentangle calendar I tried to draw every day a tangle which is new to me, but I realized, that this is not really relaxing sometimes. Furthermore I realized, that blogging, posting on Facebook in several groups, on Instagram, the MosaicApp... takes a lot of additional time which is not part of the Zentangle idea.
I realized, thatis needed to focus in order to keep the mindfulness of the Zentangle method.

Rick and Maria remind us to the slogan "one stroke at a time" without concern for the result. No competition!
Yes, we  forget it sometimes. Thank you for this admonition!!

So, the DIVA has a very good flair this week to pick up this theme and to challenge us to draw a tile which goes back to the basics. To use well known tangles which are perfect for every opportunity.
Use "mac&cheese tangles".
I chose "Tripoli" , one of my favourites, since I have understood how it works..

Another "mac&cheese tangle" is Crescent Moon. In their latest Kitchen Table Video Rick and Maria show a cool tangelation with Crescent Moon. I tried it in my calendar and added another two on that page: It was EASY, RELAXING and FUN!!! (And the result is nice...)

I will do both in the future: Some more "mac&cheese", but when I see a new tangle which I love at once, I will draw it... ;-), without any stress.

The Tangle Mosaic Project #7 by Annette (Lonetta) is ongoing, it lasts until March, 31st.
If you are interested to participate, here is the link to this great project.
And this is my contribution, I am looking forward to see the final results!

Sonntag, 19. März 2017

Some more Zingo for DC307 , St.Patrick`s day and some..

The tangle "Zingo" which was published by Indy and Mazzy in a Kitchen Table Video by Zentangle is so lovely that I have been using it for three days in my Zentangle calendar with several variations. It is such a lovely tangle!
I just watched all conributions to this week`s DIVA Challenges and realized that this tangle has lots of potential to be a favourite pattern...

This is my calendar page of Zingo:

March, 17th,was St. Patrick`s day. Not a holiday in Germany,
but as the Germans love Ireland there were many parties in Irish Pubs
with lots of Guinness beer and live music and also some leprechauns ;-))

I spent three days with tangling green , with some knotwork ,
inspired by Adele Bruno on her stunning blogpost and by the
new tangle "Feeling Knotty" by Cherryl Moote on
The background is "Lucky" by Adele Bruno.

This week a friend of mine, who is an optician, had her 10th anniversary of her Optician Shop. She is a very good specialist and she ensures that I have the right sight anytimes...
I made this card as a gift (even though I never saw  similar glasses in her store):

And last not least my tangle of today was a Crescent Moon, inspired by the latest "Kitchen Table Viedeo" by Rick Roberts. I love that very deep dimensional effect of the shading!

Montag, 13. März 2017

DC#307: "Kitchen Table Tangles with Indy and Mazzy" and some weekly tiles


Last weekend Zentangle has published a very special video of their series "Kitchen Table Tangles".
Indy and Mazzy, the lovely daughters of Molly Hollibaugh present their tangle "ZINGO" in a video tutorial. You need to know, that the young ladies 7 and 5 years old - isn`t that stunning?

They show us how simple AND creative the Zentangle method is and how beautiful the results can be even if there is no absolute perfection in line work.
Thank you so much for this lesson!

The DIVA, also mother of two adorable children, decided that we all should participate from that experience and asked us to draw ZINGO this week.

First I tried it in my calendar and I was surprised about the baeauty of this tangle.

Later I tried another ZINGO on a black Zendala tile:

Last week I explored the new tangle Tessel by Yudy Okawa. I has been published on Tanglepatterns last week.
Tessel has a lot of variation possibilities as it is like a reticula grid and can be filled by lots of tangles.

I have been playing some days with Tessel in my calendar:

The days before I played with APROX , which has been deconstructed by Susan Pundt.
It is also new on

Montag, 6. März 2017

DC#306 , a large ZIA and the latest calendar pages

The first DIVA Challenge of the month is called "UMT Challenge" - Use My Tangle-
Everybody  can post his tangles on DIVAS UMT-page and apply for this challenge.

This week the DIVA chose "Amphora" by ZenLilyMoon.
I have been following the work of Lily already for a long time and I adore their work.  
Amphora is new to me and I like it much. This is my interpretation of this beautiful tangle:

During the last few weeks I drew this picture below. Because of it's size I can not call it a tile anymore. It is a page of the same Fabriano paper like the original Zentangle tiles are. The size of the page is 28x38 cm. 
It was not my first large scale project but my most "intensive" one. I tried to connect the tangles and to blend them, if possible. So I realized that I needed some planning and some creative breakes sometimes. I had a lot of fun with it and collected some experiences, by the way.

And last but not least these are the latest two pages from my calendar.
I love all the tangles I used during these days, I could not say what my favourite is... love them all.

When I found PICO by Staubkorn I realized that many variations are possible, so I tried some of them. My favourite of them is the last one with Betweed inside.

Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017

DC#305: Duotangle Marasu and Molygon

The task of this week's Diva Challenge is to create a duotangle of the tangles Marasu and Molygon. Both are official Zentangle tangles. I love Marasu much because it has so much depth after shading.

For this tile I tried to connect both tangles a little bit as both of them have a spiral shape . 
Some days before I read a post by Maria Thomas about finishing of the surface with some coating. I used a colourless lacquer in two layers. The result is really stunning, it increases the brightness of the colours and the white charcoal is fixed. Attached you see the tile with the coating and without below.

The recent calendar pages... Goodbye February!

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

IAST#185 , some more roses and a new calendar page

 Adele Bruno created a very interesting IAST challenge this week:
Three ribbon tangles should be drawn on a grid shaded string.
"Flec" is a new tangle bei Ragged Ray - very nice! , "Wibble" by Shawna Martin has been published on Linda Farmers website this January (beautiful tangle as well) and Edgar by Jody Genovese was completely new to me.
I drew the tangles as string and connected them with auras.

I am still loving the Roses in C.R. Macintosh style, here a copy of a greeting card for a friend. I could not resist to draw them again...

Here is the latest calendar page, found very nice tangles last week, all new to me...
My own challenge ist to draw only tangles which are new to me in my calendar. Sometimes I add small details of an "old" one, but up to now I am learning a new tangle every day. Great experience!

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

DC#304 - Another Waybop- challenge

In their last newsletter Zentangle Headquarter published their new tangle "Waybop" . It is a tangle with lots of possibilities and full of surprises! I drew it already for the last IAST challenge . My first intention was to post the same tile here again, but this tangle is so great to draw.
This is my Waybop tile of this week:

And here is the tile of last week again:

This is the recent page of my Zentangle calendar with some new tangles for me:

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017

IAST #184 Waybop and some calendar tangles

This was the week of Waybop, a new tangle from the Zentangle HQ. I love it very much, it has a lot of potential ! I think ir will become one of my favourite parrerns.
For Adele Bruno's "It's AString Thing" challenge I decided to draw on a Zendala tile as it is a little bigger.

This are two pages of my Zentangle calendar.
This was a time full of Hearts until Valentine's day.... it was relaxing to draw a grid pattern Farling (Deb Eichhorn) the day after Valentine.

An now I am happy with all the other patterns in the Zentangle world... no more hearts ;-) for gthe next time..I explored some beutiful tangles which I did not use before: Reel (Lily Moon), Coil (Sue Jacobs) and Sails (Helen Williams) which has lots of variation possibilities .